& Cinder

Fire Magic

The Mean Girl(ish) Competitive Super Legacy

Valentina Furi

Somebody’s gotta bring the heat to Unicorn Academy. And that would be feisty, fashiony entitled Valentina. She’s often putting down others while bragging about herself. And because Valentina will do whatever it takes to win, she’s not to be underestimated. Although her scheming ways seem like a liability at first, her resourcefulness proves to be an asset in the long run.


Cinder is Valentina’s unicorn who is just as spirited and snobby as Val. A perfect match from day one. Like Valentina, hot-headed Cinder rarely acknowledges the other unicorns and always wants to be the best at everything, no matter what the cost. Cinder has Fire Magic to match his fiery personality. He can launch fireballs through his horn or melt the ground with his red-hot hooves.


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