& Storm

Weather Magic

The Fun-Loving Prankster Goofball

Rory Carmichael

Rory is an outgoing, lively student who’s all about fun and doesn’t take anything too seriously - including homework. Rory is literally friends with everyone. From the students, to the teachers, to the Dwerpins, to the unicorns, he knows them all by name and is constantly dishing out smiles and fist-bumps.


Storm is the fun-loving, slightly chaotic unicorn who’s paired with Rory. Like Rory, Storm is a little reckless and likes to take chances – and can often be found riding too fast or jumping over things she shouldn’t. She has Storm Magic, meaning she has the power to create thunder and lightning with a stomp of her hooves or manipulate the weather with her horn. Perfect for Rory’s pranks!


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