& Leaf

Plant Magic

The Uber-Positive Smiley Nurturer

Ava Banji

Best attitude ever! Unicorn-obsessed Ava is the kind, sweet, sunshiny student who can’t help but take care of everyone and everything around her. Whether it’s people, animals, plants or magical creatures, Ava is there to care, because she’s a natural-born nurturer. She’s also sympathetic, empathetic and always tries to see the good in others. (Even when they’re mean girls like Valentina.)


Leaf is the gentle, loving and sensitive unicorn paired with Ava. Leaf is always very aware of her surroundings and has a strong intuition when something dangerous is about to happen. Leaf is also an expert nuzzler and especially loves when Ava talks baby talk to her. And when Ava brushes her mane and tail. And when Ava gives her special presents. Her magic is Leaf Magic - perfect for nature-loving Ava.


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