& Glacier

Ice Magic

The Sweet and Humble Super Genius

Layla Fletcher

To say that Layla is smart would be a huge understatement. Because she’s absolutely brilliant. As in the brightest, shiniest academic star that the Academy has ever seen. Not only does she have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things unicorn, she gets straight A’s in every single one of her classes. She tends to really think things through, and when it comes to Unicorn Riding? She needs a lil’ tutoring.


Glacier is the uber headstrong, super powerful unicorn who matched with Layla. She’s strong, fast and definitely more unicorn than Layla can handle – at least at first. She eventually teaches Layla how to get in touch with her own fierce and fearless self. Glacier has the power of Ice Magic. With a stomp of her mighty hooves, she can freeze the ground below her. And with her unicorn horn, she can launch icy blasts of snowflakes and snowballs. But Glacier’s greatest power of all? Helping Layla get out of her head.


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