& Wildstar

Light Magic

The Rebellious, Adventure-Obsessed Magical One

Sophia Mendoza

As far as fourteen-year-old girls go, Sophia definitely stands out. And it’s not just because she’s a freethinking individual who always does things her own way. Or because she has a unique POV and openly speaks her mind. Or because of the awesome, rainbow-colored mane of hair that she proudly rocks on her head. It’s because she isn’t afraid to break the rules... especially in her quest to uncover the truth.


Wildstar possesses the power of Light Magic. With her unicorn horn, she can create light to either show the way ahead, signal others or distract an enemy for the purposes of protection. She also has the special ability to create a luminous bridge of rainbow light with a stomp of her hooves to carry Sophia and herself over a crevasse or raging river.


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