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Learn To Scale Your Business From Gurus Experts Currently Spending Over $1 Million A Month Acquiring Customers
Our mentors have built amazing courses. But let's be honest ... courses are a dime a dozen (even good ones). What sets us apart is how completely we support our students. We've put together the most ridiculously talented group of expert practitioners to teach you Facebook, AdWords, Instagram, LinkedIn & SEO in order to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the best ways to scale your business.

But that isn't even the best part. All of our mentors go live every single week. They answer any questions AND teach our members all about the newest and most effective marketing strategies and tactics that are working right now. We aren't like most "gurus". We don't teach strategies that used to work that we're now teaching because it stopped working and we need cashflow. 
You've discovered the only marketing training solution specifically designed to help you supercharge your customer acquisition and scale your business, Which Has already helped thousands of business leaders
Unicorn Academy is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to truly understand Facebook Ads and eCommerce.

- Michael LaRocco
The Unicorn Academy program has been instrumental in our success... After a few tweaks suggested by Max, we were able to cut one of our client's CPA in half within days!"

- Rob Hamilton
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We know tools can make a HUGE difference to your success. That's why we have an entire section 
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Here's how it works:
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3. We refund up to $200 of your Unicorn Academy Subscription.
The days of building a 7 figure plus business exclusively off of Facebook Ads are dead. 
Scaling to 7 figures and beyond now requires omnipresence. Put simply, you need to be active on multiple traffic channels and know how to play to each one's strengths. Luckily for you we created Unicorn Academy, a hybrid training platform combining knowledge packed courses and daily live trainings with expert mentors, to help business leaders like yourself achieve explosive growth in 2018 and beyond.
4 Knowledge Packed Courses
Members get instant access to over 300 training videos across 4 different courses, which cover Facebook, AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn. Plus new mini-courses added regularly.
Live Training Sessions
Courses are great, but the real breakthroughs happen during the 90 minute live training sessions, which are led by our expert mentors from Monday through Thursday with a tool or resource shared each Friday.
All Future Courses
We are already in the process of creating our next 3 courses covering Amazon, SEO, and Automation. Members get instant access to all new courses and content just like Netflix!
The truth is you can probably find our courses on youTube
You probably think we are crazy for saying that, but it's true (so we've been told). People pirate our courses all the time because they are really good. But the thing is, courses ... even really good ones like ours ... are pretty easy to find for little to no money.

There is a bigger, uglier truth that most "gurus" don't talk about though.  The courses aren't enough to allow you to truly scale your business sustainably. Not to mention... with how quickly the digital marketing landscape changes, some of these courses quickly become obsolete.

You might see some quick wins by implementing some tips & tricks. But to truly see sustained success, you need ongoing training ... and more importantly ... advice on how to implement the trainings in your specific business in order to yield the best results.

The daily interactions with our members, weekly lives and Q&A sessions, and ad account audits across five platforms are what sets our program apart from the freebies you'll find on YouTube. The immense knowledge and experience coupled with "hands on" feedback inside one comprehensive program is truly rare and can only be found one place...

That place is Unicorn Academy.

Expert Live Training 
Tailored To Your Business Goals
Audits, Q&A And Platform Updates
eCommerce Training: Join our Mentors every Monday as they audit your ecomm stores and accounts, answer your questions about scaling your store and keep you updated on platform changes.
Lead Gen Training: Does your business depend on high quality lead flow? Then Tuesday nights are for you. All of our experts will share their Lead Gen strategies and tactics on Tuesday nights.
Coaching & Consulting Training: Wednesdays are all about finding ways to scale your coaching or consulting business. Our mentors are all coaches or consultants of some sort, and they love to share actionable strategies you can employ to grow your business.
Freebie Day Training: We save Thursdays for when our Mentors want to share something that is beneficial to a broader audience. So if you've got a question that doesn't pertain to days Monday-Wedneday, then Thursday is your day to jump on a live training.
  Facebook Ad Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 40 hours of video content that cover strategizing, creating, and scaling your Facebook ads profitably.  
  Google Ads Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 13 hours of video training teaching you how to create and scale profitable Google Ads campaigns.  
  Instagram Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 40 video lessons that teach you how to explosively grow your Instagram following.
  LinkedIn Academy - $1997 Value 
Over 90 video lessons that cover building an online community, person brand and growing your business with LinkedIn.
  LIVE Facebook Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Maxwell Finn, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE Google Ads Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Caitlin Schlichting  going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE Instagram Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Alex Wilkie, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE LinkedIn Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Anna McAfee, going in depth on your ads and current campaigns
  LIVE SEO Weekly Training - $997 Value 
Weekly lives with our Expert Mentor, Brett Lane, going in depth on your SEO strategies.
You Will Also Receive Access To Every New Course WE RELEASE IN THE FUTURE INCLUDING...




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$3,997 VALUE 
$4,997 VALUE 
$9,997 VALUE 
$997 VALUE 
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$997 VALUE 
$30,000+ Value!
Josh's ROI was off the charts! In his first 30 days he generated $30,000 in sales off of just $1,500 in Facebook ad spend.

- Josh Felber
The video ad funnel strategy helped Mark generate a 4x ROAS with his Facebook ads during his first month!

- Mark Barnes
"For me the value of the program is cost per lead has gone down and I'm able to generate more profit for the company."

- Hugh Plautz
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Hear What Our Students Have To Say!
Jeremy Haynes
Jonathan Felix Reyes
Sachin Jhangiani
Akemi Fisher
Denise Reyes
Dimitris Skiadas
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what an amazing job you did with the course!! Every time I watch a video I think, ‘Gosh this is SOOO good!’ All of the additional demos, resources, templates, etc. are so perfect and far exceeded my expectations when I signed up..."

Ashley Acker

Owner at Capture & Convert Local Marketing
"Within days I paid for this course with one simple abandoned cart campaign that never crossed my mind and took minutes to create. We are starting to scale out, filling the top of the funnel for pennies, and finally, I see a way to make Facebook a total powerhouse for our business. In the last 5 years of growing my company into an authority in my industry through paid ads, I have not come across a single more exciting and valuable asset than Max's course."

Chad Brownfield

CEO at
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  • Live Ad Account Audits
  • New Tools & Guides Released Weekly
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  • Get 5 Months Free!
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Have A Question? 
We've Got Answers!
Is This For Beginners?
The best part of Unicorn Academy is that it has so much content that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced advertisers. Beginners will find topics like setting up the pixel and learning how to create every type of ad available incredibly valuable. Advanced advertisers will find topics like manual bidding and Messenger growth hacking strategies just as valuable.
How Much Time Will It Take To Go Through One Course?
Honestly. that really depends on your learning style and your availability to do so. In our opinion we recommend choosing one course and giving yourself eight weeks to go through it. This will allow you to soak up as much material as possible and ask our mentors any questions you may have along the way. 
What If I Feel Overwhelmed From All Of The Material?
If you feel overwhelmed, don't worry, this is normal at times. Our brains are just not designed to take on hours upon hours of content before it says OKAY enough is enough! If you do feel overwhelmed you can reach out to our support team at anytime and they will help you get on track. At no additional cost either! 
Can I Access My Content Everywhere?
Yes, our platform is built through Thinkific and they offer a responsive design for almost every device including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and Ipads. You will need a internet connection to connect though. 
What Is Your Cancelation Policy?
Unicorn Academy is a monthly subscription and canceled at anytime. No questions asked! 
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We are proud to have partnered with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Paypal! We also accept credit cards as well. 
Can I Contact and Ask The Mentors Specific Questions?
Yes! You will be part of an exclusive private group on Facebook where our mentors will hold their lives, interact with the group, and answer your questions you may have for them! 
Questions? Contact Us Today!
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Earnings Disclaimer: Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in our marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. 

Course and Mentor Disclaimer: the Unicorn Academy live stream schedule is subject to change. Live streams may have to be delayed, canceled, changed or replaced with a pre-recorded video in the event that one of our expert mentors is unable to make their regularly scheduled live stream time. The Unicorn Academy courses that are offered are also subject to change as well.

Refund Policy: We provide a ton of value inside Unicorn Academy, and we ask a lot from our Mentors to be able to help all of our students. Because of the huge investment in time from our Mentors and in fairness to students who are investing money in our courses, we have a strict no refund policy. This works in our students' favor. Since we don't ask for a long term commitment, we know we have to earn your investment every single month. If you pay for a month, we know you will be getting more than your money's worth if you spend the time to learn from our Mentors.