Before you cancel, we'd just like to say that we're really happy you decided to invest in your success and your future with Unicorn Academy.

The sad truth is that we aren't surprised you have decided to cancel. Here's why: Almost everyone quits. It's true. That's why over 85% of businesses fail within the first two years. It's hard.

That's also why you need a program just like Unicorn Academy. So before you cancel, consider this:

The people who are successful ... the ones you are constantly looking at and saying, "I wish I could just have what they have." ... Those people didn't quit. They have a support network and mentors (just like Unicorn Academy) that they turn to in tough times. They learn from the best. 

Most importantly ... They didn't give up.

With the resources you have at your disposal inside Unicorn Academy, we know for a fact that it makes a bigger difference than the small investment of just $297/month ... if you really take advantage of what is available.

We want you to succeed. So before you quit, you really need to make sure you take full advantage of Unicorn Academy. Get in the Facebook group and request an account audit from a mentor. Get on the lives and ask questions about issues that the mentors can help you with right now.

So if you are ready to recommit to growing your business with an incredible support group around you, then just click "I changed my mind ... I'm committed to success!" below. You'll be redirected to the Unicorn Academy Facebook Group where you can start interacting and request an account audit right away.
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