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You're In Great Company
Where I've Shared My Facebook Knowledge
But Wait... Isn’t 2018 Out of Date? 
NOPE. In fact, the way my course is structured, it’s actually a BETTER value when you buy at the end of the year. You INSTANTLY have access to 100+ videos, as well as to a whole year’s worth of weekly trainings and specialized mastermind sessions from 2018 and even before that. 

And each one of those added trainings is worth your time. In them, I addressed live questions from online marketers just like you. Why is that important? Well, I’ve spent over $1 Million a month in media placing and data-mining the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Chances are, you’ll learn some valuable insights from these weekly sessions and key strategies to put into place for yourself or your clients. 

Will 2019’s Course Be THAT Different? 

YEP. If you’ve been following the news at all, you know big changes are coming to Facebook in 2019. As marketers, that means our strategies need to change as well. Just because you did something that worked in 2018, doesn’t mean it will work (or even be approved) in 2019. The time for playing it safe is over. 

When you combine the foundational knowledge of my 2018 course and the latest trend information from my 2019 course… you’ll have an unstoppable formula for ROI success. 

The Course That Keeps You On Course

I have always believed that a Facebook course should be a living, evolving thing. That’s why throughout the year, I will offer live trainings, then upload them for repeat viewings, along with my mastermind videos and other new material. 

And that’s NOT normal.

In fact, most courses you’ll find out there are “set it and forget” programs… the person records it once and that’s it. And sure, that’s the easy way to sell a course… but it’s not the right way. Not the way I believe it should be. 

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Becoming an expert Facebook marketer requires more than a few YouTube videos. You need hours of training. That’s why this is an insane offer for BOTH of my Facebook Academy Courses. You get TONS of added content throughout the year for FREE and access to all past information, videos, etc. etc. You get it. It's a lot! 

Still, some people get sticker shock when they see the price of my course. But, I can tell you that everyone who has purchased my course ends up loving the value they receive. And think of the money you’ll SAVE not running ineffective ads. If you manage thousands of dollars of media dollars, this bundle is a no-brainer.

Typically and comparatively, I should charge $3,000+ for something like this because of the value it will serve. I haven’t found anything else that can compete with this. BUT, I’m selling this bundle right now for $697. I honestly think that’s a CRAZY price for everything you’ll receive.

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Let's Make Sure We Are On The Same Page
There are tons of courses on the market promising to make you rich in an insanely short window of time. If this is something you are looking for then we should part ways now because that is not what my 2018 Facebook Course and my BRAND NEW 2019 Facebook Ad Academy are all about.

These courses are for people who are willing to invest the time and money required to build and grow a real business. The days of throwing a trending design up on a tee, running a bunch of Facebook ads and making 6-7 figures are over.

The winners in the future will be the people who use Facebook to create relationships, build a community and maximize customer lifetime value.
I've Put All Of My Knowledge Into An Ever Growing Video Library And Now I'm Doing It Again! 
The foundation of all of my Facebook Ad Academies are a library of videos. Through these videos I am able to teach you exactly how I create winning Facebook ad campaigns through brand new, cutting edge stratgies. 

Every day I am testing new strategies and features from Facebook. When I find things that work, I share them inside the course through a new video. Long story short, you aren't buying a courses that have never or will never be updated an become obsolete in a few months. I'm constantly challenging Facebook for the better. 
  •  The Blitz Method
  •  Webinar Card Open Funnel 
  •  Unicorn Ads 
  •  KPI Navigation Tools
  •  Risk Mitigation Strategies
  •  Pre-Sale vs. Straight Sales
  •  How to Become a Objection Blocking Ninja
  •  How to do Free Plus Shipping RIGHT!
  •  The DNA of Killer Ads
  •  The Bankruptcy/IPO Method
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Curious If Facebook Ad Academy Is The Right Fit For You?
There are few courses on the market that can provide tremendous value to beginners and advanced media buyers alike. Both my previous 2018 Facebook Ad Acadmey and my BRAND NEW 2019 Facebook Ads Course are created for students who are in the process of launching their first ecommerce store AND students spending 6 figures a month on Facebook Ads.
Students at both ends of the spectrum are experiencing amazing results! And YOU could be next... 
Digital Products
If you are currently selling a course, SaaS product, digital content or other digital products then this course is a perfect fit for you.
Affiliate Products
Even if you don't own any products, this course can still help you create a profitable business by running traffic to other people's offers through various affiliate networks.
Physical Products
If you are currently selling physical products that you either manufacture yourself or dropship then this course is a perfect fit for you.
Lead Generation
Learn how to cost effectively use Facebook Ads to grow your email and messenger lists with this course.
brick & mortar stores
Learn how to build awarness for your local business, drive more foot traffic and bridge the digital and physical divide with this course.
Ecommerce Stores
Learn how to profitably launch, optimize and scale traffic campaigns to grow your Ecommerce store with this course.
0 - $10k/month
Learn the basics of the Facebook Ad platform and build a rock solid foundation.
$10k - $100k/month
Learn cutting edge A/B testing and  retargeting strategies that will help maximize profits and begin scaling winning campaigns.
Learn how to profitably scale winning campaigns using advanced stragies including manual bidding.
Don't Just Take My Word For It
My Students Are Killing It!
Pat Flynn 
Smart Passive Income
Josue Pena
Instagram Marketing Expert
Charlie Brandt
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Mark Barnes
Hack Learning
Dimitris Skiadas
Analytics & Ecom Expert
"I purchased just about every FB course from all the so-called gurus. From Amy Porterfield, Jon Loomer, Ben Angel, Dan Henry and Keith Krance. I even did the FB blueprint course. And they were all great! Each and every one of them. But there's only one whose strategies completely blew me away. And that's Maxwell Finn and his Facebook Ad Academy. His strategies are so mind-boggling that I hesitated to write this post, fearing one my competitors may read it."
Patrick Vaughn Jackson
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Within days I paid for his 2018 course with one simple abandoned cart campaign that never crossed my mind and took minutes to create. We are starting to scale out, filling the top of the funnel for pennies, and finally, I see a way to make Facebook a total powerhouse for our business. In the last 5 years of growing my company into an authority in my industry through paid ads, I have not come across a single more exciting and valuable asset than Max's courses."
Chad Brownfield
CEO & Founder at Vacuum Cleaner
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$10,000 $3,500
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